Windows Azure Technology Partner Selection Guide – white paper

Dear All,

I super happy to communicate you that one of my white paper has survived three company acquisitions, every time a company was acquired I use to think, they may drop my work from their corporate site, but my work is still adopted and carried on by 3 companies –

Company 1 – SYSTIME Global Solutions

When Microsft Azure platform was just launched and I wrote this paper and was initially published on SYSTIME’s corporate website which is no longer available today, that time marketing team also published at other location such as

Company 2 – KPIT Technologies

When SYSTIME was taken over by KPIT, they converted my paper in their own format and published on their website and also on the below location. Since KPIT is not taken over by Birlasoft, their corporate website is down but you can see it at below location –


Company 3 – Birlasoft

Now, Birlasoft’s corporate website is hosting the same site in new format –

Please have a look at same paper in a new theme, colors, and logo –

Click to access windows-azure-partner-selection-guide.pdf

I no longer work with any of these companies and have moved on working with 3 more companies, but it is so nice to go back and see if our work is still valued.

Enjoy reading it !! 🙂